Just Diagnosed

When you’re first diagnosed with cancer, the road ahead can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. At the Cancer Partnership we'll help you understand your treatment options, while developing a personalized plan that couples state of the art technology with supporting services that enlist body, mind and spirit. You’ll have the attention and expertise of a dedicated care team that answers your questions and creates a clear path forward.

We'll focus on making sure you have the best care supporting you every day so you can focus on what’s most important, getting better.

We're here to help every step of the way

Everyone’s cancer experience is different. That’s why our personalized approach to your treatment plan is so important to ensuring the most effective care. We go above and beyond to know and support you throughout your cancer journey. Here’s what you can expect as a patient at the Cancer Partnership: 

You’ll have an initial in-depth appointment with a physician who has deep expertise in your specific form of cancer, along with access to all the information you’ve shared with us to date. If any additional diagnostic tests are needed, your physician will order them at this time.
Your physician will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that follows the latest national guidelines for your type of cancer. If you have several treatment options, we’ll explain them to you clearly and completely so that you can make an informed choice.
Throughout your course of treatment, you’ll receive care from a multi-disciplinary, integrated team that may include oncology physicians and specialists, Advanced Care Providers (Physician Assistants and ARNPs), and nurses — all working together to care for you. Our team approach ensures you get access to the combined skills and experience of several healthcare professionals. 
Your physician and care team may suggest support services such as acupuncture, counseling, nutrition classes, and support groups. Most of these services are conveniently located at the Cancer Partnership, so they are easy to access. We encourage you to take advantage of any or all of the support services we offer. Life can be a challenge while going through cancer treatment. Our support services can help make it a bit less challenging.
Most patients have contact with a financial counselor. Financial counselors verify benefits, help develop a payment plan for treatment, and obtain outside assistance if necessary.
When you have completed your treatment, you’ll have access to all of our survivor resources, including our popular Survivorship Program. The Survivor Program focuses around an eight-week seminar series that offers survivors a place to connect with other survivors, share and learn important skills to stay healthy and tackle the physical and emotional challenges that come after treatment.

Our integrated team approach provides the best care before, during, and after treatment.

Finding a doctor who you can connect with and who understands your individual needs is important. That’s why our doctors go above and beyond in getting to know their patients—because the best care comes from this extra knowledge. 
Once you’ve been referred to the Cancer Partnership, we will schedule an initial appointment with an oncologist who specializes in the type of cancer or blood disorder you have. Your oncologist is the core of your integrated team at the Cancer Partnership, joining forces with a dedicated group of specialists to customize and carry out your treatment plan.
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Everything you need through the treatment journey

At the Cancer Partnership our sole focus is cancer. Our physicians treat more cancer patients in a year than most doctors treat in a lifetime. For our patients, this specialization and focus translates to world-class medical expertise and patient care that goes beyond the norm. 

The Cancer Partnership is home to state of the art technology delivering the most advanced methods for diagnosis and treatment including cutting edge new therapies. And everything you need to take care of your cancer including diagnosis, treatment and all the support services, are available in one convenient location. 

Virtually all components of your cancer care will be delivered in one location.  

You will have access to:

  • The latest treatments

  • The most advanced medical equipment

  • The newest cancer-fighting and pain-relief drugs

  • Clinical trials

  • Integrative medicine

  • Patient support services

Electronic Medical Records

Using an electronic medical record, your providers will have instant, real-time access to your entire medical record, including lab results, diagnostic image scans, chemotherapy regimen information, radiation therapy treatment schedules, etc. 

Cancer Conferences

Every week, various cancer specialists involved in your care will meet weekly to discuss treatments. During these conferences, patient medical information will be reviewed, diagnostic images displayed and discussed, potential courses of treatment are evaluated, and clinical trials considered. Patients presented at conference will get more than a second opinion, they'll get fifteen opinions or more.  

National Standards of Excellence

All of the physicians at the Cancer Partnership follow The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines, further supporting their ability to coordinate patient care with one another. Regardless of which physician a particular patient sees, the patient is assured the same "gold standard" of care set by the NCCN.

Real people, living beyond cancer

These are just some of the men and woman who have faced cancer and, with the help of Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, won. Read their stories to find out how they did it.

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Support services for you and your family

Our team approach to cancer treatment brings you the benefits of support services for you and your family. We provide most of these services in-house so there is no need for you to get referrals or run around to other locations. This makes it easy to get the support you want and need, whether it’s pain management, an oncology massage, acupuncture, a nutritional consultation or some time to talk with a counselor.
For more information on all the support services available to you, contact the Patient Navigator or any member of your care team.