Internship Program

Providence Regional Cancer Partnership has opportunities for students in graduate programs of psychology and social work.  We have practicum and pre-internship opportunities for doctoral psychology students through The Everett Clinic Center for Behavioral Health. Practicum placements for social work graduate students are available through Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

About Patient Support Services

The purpose of the support program is to provide cancer patients and their families with a wide array of services to help them cope more effectively with the rigors of cancer treatment. This includes assessment of patient and family needs, referral to other providers (spiritual, psychological, psychiatric, and social work), psycho-educational programs and support groups.

Program Overview

Providence Regional Cancer Partnership is a comprehensive cancer program integrating medical and radiation oncology, chemotherapy, integrative medicine and psychosocial and spiritual support services.  Providence Regional Cancer Partnership is a joint venture by The Everett Clinic, Western Washington Medical Group, Northwest Washington Radiation Oncology and Providence Regional Medical Center. Our training programs provide students the opportunity to:

- Assess the needs of patients with cancer and their support people
- Learn about the psychosocial dimensions of living with cancer
- Provide short-term counseling to patients and their families
- Facilitate or co-facilitate support groups and/or psycho-educational classes
- Work with oncologists, nurses, and other health care providers as a multi-disciplinary team

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Psychology Practicum/Pre-Internship


Social Work Practicum